Monday, September 27, 2010

The tree's war

I see the rain fall down as the trees, mellow, and quiet. The hailstorm comes, yet they do not retaliate, they only whisper in the wind, swaying back and forth like in a Sunday song. People can be so much like the storm, we take for granted what was given us, upset, only by ourselves that we have to take war. What is war? War is held in no man's hand. We may see it, but who has the knowledge with courage to reach out and grasp it. War belongs to no man, no shield or sword can win war, and a war is not won, it is fought, only victory is won, but how are the ways to victory so? There is a way in which no man fully seeks, within this way is the tree. The tree stands in place, he sways, but does not fight with fist nor armor, sword or tool, but with peace, one thing no man can achieve on his own. Easy it is to fight the war like rain or hail, but difficult is it to fight like a tree.

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