Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There are so many things that we regret, Hatred, and Love, lost time, and not enough time to spend with family. Hurting, and if it is your fault, being hurt. Living, and the wishing of death. Classes you took, and didn't take. Decisions, good and bad. these are not even one percent of what people regret. I am an idiot, I have not been writing anything at all. There is nothing I can do but say, "I need to write more" so my plan is to upload essays and written projects from school to my blog.


  1. ah....Joshua, you are so young and have a wonderful family who loves you.....even if things get a little hairy....don't regret is too short...I'm sending you lots of love from Tex-ASS!!!

  2. it's your blog. write when you want to. we'll still be here.

    do not spend any time with regret. she is a BAD date and will constantly make you feel like crap. just say, "ok that isnt working, let's try something else."

  3. We all fall into that rut at some point. Don't worry too much about it. Your words will return in force.