Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For those who want to read more of "time capsol" and "the horrid truth" I have decided to combine some writing with those two pieces and title it "Bed of Roses." I currently have about 7 chapters done. The book is clearly fictional and puts together my poetry and short stories. I will notify you when it is done, and where you can get a copy!!! Thank you all for your comments.


  1. Can't wait to see it. I hope it comes soon.

  2. Good luck with getting it completed.

  3. Joshua-

    i LOVE your writing. You clearly have not only a way with words, but a very wonderful vocabulary that you express yourself through. Your stories are imaginative - you paint a wonderful picture for the reader. When your book is done, I want an AUTOGRAPHED copy- thank you for giving me something to read and enjoy!

  4. Joshua,

    You are a remarkable young writer- You have a great way with words, and a wonderful vocabulary with which you express yourself. I enjoy your writing very much, and when you do get a book out, I want an AUTOGRAPHED copy! Keep writing, I look forward to more of your work!


  5. I'm very excited to see this! I really enjoyed "The Horrid Truth" and when I read the last entry I was so disappointed that there was not more! I kept imagining in my head what would have happened next after the point you left off...

  6. Hi, Joshua,
    I've always loved writing stories, too. I'm so glad you're following up on your creativity. The two best pieces of advice that I've heard? Keep writing (the more, the better) and keep reading (gives you good ideas about great writing). Oh, and have fun!