Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From a school project for the Vietnam war are "blood in the sand" and "change"

The red clay, oh horrid blood in the sand,
The burrowed hole where a friend hast died in.
Blood spilt, countless lives lost in the heartland,
I look up and smell that red clay again.
That sad, sad song that haunts the daily air
comes from that clay in that Vietnam War.
The red clay, the blood in the sand I feel,
The blood in the sand is stuck in my hair.
The friend I have lost are too many more.
The red clay to me will always feel real.

Change is too often thrown upon our shoulders
Too quick to ready ourselves for what is next;
Love was thrown down when love was not from her,
And war is not ever forever fixed.
Nothing can ready for sudden changes;
Not war, nor the struggles we face daily,
Not even the people who brave it ouANCan ready themselves barely for changes.
Still nothing will give us much but vaigly
The sound of mind that has been with much doubt.


  1. I loved these two poems... they are really fantastic, Australian troops in Afghanistan have been losing a lot of lives recently, and these poems made me think of them and how they must be feeling at the moment!

    Thank you so much!! :) Hazel

  2. that's the good and sometimes bad thing about change: it happens whether we're ready or not. love this post!

  3. I know U were not there....but it feels like you might have been....
    The feel of your poam took me back to another world..and a time when I was about your age..
    A time in my life that feels bitter/sweat.
    Thank YOU

  4. Two great pieces. I really like the Red Clay piece. That's so real. Those guys came back from Vietman and the guy who are coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq saw so much over there. They will always remember that "red clay."

  5. The first paragraph is pretty vivid with Vietnam imagery. You are too young to know of this war firsthand, yet you speak to the subject very well? Just curious! W.C.C.

  6. I'm glad your mom sent us over here. Keep writing. It's good for the soul, especially when it's as good as yours is!

  7. A sad and poignant post. Well done, young Joshua.

  8. Wow!!! U love it!!! I agree that changes sometimes happen suddenly before we get ourselves ready!

    I hope you could make a poem for me! LOL

    Keep it up!

  9. This is deep... and haunting. Wow. Just... wow...