Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In between two dreams

Caught in between two dreams, one another
When all the world fades away,
I close my eyes
And then realize
What a fool I am not to pray
For the enemies of me
From whom I was fleeing. 
And now am seeing
What could my enemies be
But a silent sound
On the cold hard ground
And I but a spec in the sand
With my armor of all, including my sword,
Or them a raging wind
Silenced once again
By the fury of the LORD.
Caught in between two dreams, one another
When HOLY matters evade
I open my eyes
And then realize
The world is a giant cliche
The one thing I know, I keep to me.
The wicked in books
Come out in the works
Of a misled leader to be.
And the towns of men start to scream,
Yelling for help,
Trying for help
But these leaders are no human being.
Then the men, their spirits broken to pieces,
And the air was quiet
No more the riot
Not even were heard of more screaches.   

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