Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time capsol

This is a portion of the book I am currently working on! Enjoy!

At the age of fourteen, all my friends were dating. I was the only one who chose to "stick it out" and wait for a girl, a special girl, no one certain, no one inperticular. I was the one that everyone called 'loner.' Two years after my decision, I became friends with many young women. One of my friends was Angela Meyer, she was one of the most georgious women I had ever laid my eyes on, but beauty struck me not. She was seventeen, one year oler than I, and we and a bunch of other friends were out by the lake. Angel, as I shortened her name to, was staring at me. As I looked over, her eyes were glistening from the moon reflectant water. Her blond hair was highlighted with a tint of grey, and was suddenly flipped after this snob of a kid, Jackson Martin, an Alabama resedent, took a bucket and saturated her head with the ice cold water. Her beautiful green eyes shut as she lay her head down on my shoulder, as if...she...was desperately in need of some loving sypathy. "Isaac," she murmered franticly. "I need to tell you-" her words broke short to rephrase, "do y-"
"It's getting cold. Let's go inside." I stated.


  1. That's quite a beautiful little piece of writing. I often try to dabble with a bit of poetry myself. Suprisingly enough I find the most difficult aspect of poetry to be rhyming scheme. I remember when I was young haikues and little poem writing schemes were so simple and easy to create fun little rhymes.

    Does growing up make it harder?!


  2. This is beautiful! Brought back some of my own teenage memories. I would love to see what happens next. You should definitely continue writing that book!

  3. This is great - I definitely wanted to keep reading! Are you still working on it?

  4. Keep up on this one. I am always interested when Angels are all wet! W.C.C.