Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Psalm

Make me, my heart like wax o' LORD;
Strengthen my soul and mind.
Let wisdom, faith, friend, and cry
Be riches to my own.
Mold me to thou what is worthy of serving
Thy glorious power divine,
For I am not worthy
Lest it be thouest decree.
Let me not falter in serving thy name,
But bringeth forth thy word.
Please, enter thy home in my dearest heart,
And mercy and humble me.

Make me like wax and unlike rock,
A heart so wicked, so hard.
Their mind be weak, yet seem so strong,
They whom hast passionate tongue,
Yet still turnest away.

Make my heart so unlike rock,
But malleable to thy touch.
Clingeth to my heart, O' LORD,
Be victory in thy name.

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